FLEXI-ble and VA-riable

FLEXIVA automation & Robotik GmbH has been planning and producing automation solutions in a wide variety of industries since 1990. This includes the electrical and pneumatic planning of control cabinets according to DIN and UL standards as well as their production. This range of services is supplemented by robot simulation, PLC and robot programming as well as a research and development department in the field of alternative drives.

With expertise and flexibility, we support our customers to...

... become, be and remain the market leader in their field. Partnership-based cooperation and a trusting relationship with everyone being involved in our projects is our most important concern. This is the only way we can ensure that we exceed the expectations placed on us. Therefore all our actions follow a value-based company culture, in which our more than 90 employees are given responsibility, trust and freedom to achieve extraordinary results.

Rainer Hollnagel, CEO

Wide spectrum of services

Thanks to our established network of competence, we are able to offer solutions that cover the entire value chain in the field of automation, robotics, special equipment construction and control cabinet construction. Starting with consultation, through planning and implementation, up to commissioning with subsequent support of process engineering systems, we create the foundation for an optimal operation of your system technology.

High quality

Our own claim is to maintain and constantly improve our high quality standard. This is ensured by our professional quality assurance team.

Structured and customer-oriented internal process flows as well as the highest reliability in product quality have been practiced in our company for decades.

We produce all products safely, reliably and with high quality.

Our innovations

E-Charging Station

One public and 7 additional company-owned e-charging stations are available at FLEXIVA‘s production hall in Weissbach.
The location in Dittersdorf also offers 2 company-owned e-charging stations.
All employees of FLEXIVA can currently charge their e-cars for FREE during their working hours.


Energy efficiency is the focus

With the construction of the 2452 m² production hall, we created significantly more space for modern offices and production areas. In addition to optimized production processes, we focus on the efficient use of energy at FLEXIVA. For this reason, we had a 132kW photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the hall.


Cooling in summer and heating in winter is done with our reversible heat pump. This is supplied with electricity by our wind turbine, among other things.

Butterfly Meadow

"Saxony is in bloom" is an initiative of the Saxon state parliament. With insect-friendly management, the meadow serves as a habitat for many insect species.
FLEXIVA supports this project with its meadow behind the production hall in Weissbach.

It is important to us to speak the customer‘s language.

For the achievement of shared goals, we have set ourselves the following objectives:

  • Development of solutions and concepts individually according to customer and market requirements, according to the current state of the art
  • Realization of our services with qualified and motivated employees using the latest machines and technologies
  • Selection of suppliers and contractors under the premise of reliable and long-term cooperation

The history of FLEXIVA

3 Friends

It all began in January 1990. Three young engineers didn't want to wait any longer for the "flourishing landscape" and resigned from their VEB combine in Chemnitz. An unbelievable occurance for GDR standards, when considering the uncertainties of that time. The shortage economy quickly helped to fill the order books. The main tasks were the development and implementation of special solutions using programmable logic controllers.

The Years of Travel

The situation changed abruptly with the monetary union. All orders were cancelled and there were no new ones. So all three friends decided to try their luck in the old West German federal states. The main goal was to update their good theoretical knowledge. This worked very well and in mid-1991 they met in Markgröningen, near Stuttgart, in the electrical production (at that time) at facility DÜRR®.

FLEXIVA was born

The opperations manager at the time was impressed by the commitment, diligence and skill of the three engineers. More employees were hired, who then all worked in Markgroningen. In a few months there were around 15 employees and msr-soft GmbH was launched, which became FLEXIVA in 1995.

FLEXIVA is growing up

In 1998 the management decided to buy an old hosiery factory in the same place. The software and robot programming department was established. In 2015, the decision was made to build a new energy-efficient production hall in Amtsberg / Weißbach. Today FLEXIVA employs over 90 people and also has a branch in Darmstadt.

27. October 2020
"Company car park became an island of life"

The landscape conservation association Zschopau-/Flöhatal wants to improve the living conditions for bumblebees, butterflies and wild bees with a project. A company from Weißbach goes along

The landscape conservation association Zschopau-/Flöhatal wants to improve the living conditions for bumblebees, butterflies and wild bees with a project. A company from Weißbach sets a good example. Electrical devices and control cabinets are actually Rainer Hollnagel's thing. The managing director of the Weißbach-based company Flexiva has also devoted himself to lawn pavers and plants over the past three weeks. “Everything is designed so that we produce ecologically. This includes giving nature its space,” he describes the company philosophy, which now also includes an island of life in addition to the e-charging station and heat pump. This is the new company car park, which, thanks to an initiative by the Zschopau-/Flöhatal landscape conservation association, not only offers space for 46 cars,

"They found the door open to us," says Hollnagel about the project for which Yvonne Scholz is primarily responsible at the Pobershau club. For a year she has been trying to get in touch with municipalities, companies and citizens to draw attention to her concerns. Funding can be obtained from the Leader region Zwönitztal / Greifensteine. But the money is not absolutely necessary.

"In principle, everyone can do something to improve the habitat for butterflies, bumblebees and wild bees," says the project worker: "It would be a step forward if some green spaces were no longer mowed five or six times a year, but maybe only two Mal." But that's where the problem lies, because many people can't stand wild